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UV-C is a germicidal (Biocidal) and can be used in sunlight (time and geographic Although the location varies) there is very little UV-C radiation in the midday sun. In higher places where the atmosphere is thinner and the sun The more steep it is, the higher the amount of UV-C in the sun's rays.

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Areas Used

Hospital Clinic
School and Classroom
Public Transport Vehicles
Store and Dressing Cabinets
WC & Bathrooms
Industrial kitchen
Shopping Markets - Supermarkets
Hotel and Accommodation Facilities
Cafes and Restaurants
Hairdressers and Beauty Centers

Is This A New Invention?

In the world since the 1960s (UVGI) It is known as "Ultroviolet Germicidal Irradiation" and is is used. In our country, T.C. Biocidal Products of the Ministry of Health in 1992 Regulation, T.R. Compliant with Directive 98 / EC of the European Union by the Ministry of Health and published in the Official Gazette No. 27449 dated 31 December 2009 and entered into force.

What are we doing? What Are Our Methods?

No chemical material, as the sun does We kill microbes by irradiating them with UVC that we produce artificially without using them.

Ambient Air Sterilization

To sterilize the ambient air

Ventilation System Sterilization

Air sucked from environments in central ventilation systems, sterilizing

Surface Sterilization

To sterilize the surfaces in the environment

Time to Avoid Viruses !

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