In addition to the disinfection of viruses and bacteria with ultraviolet radiation, it increases the ambient air quality by filtering the dust, pollen and fumes in the air thanks to the HEPA filter. With its high retention filtering and UV-C effect, it makes the environment suitable for those with asthma and allergic diseases as well as air sterilization.

Kullanılan Alanlar

All the closed areas up to a space of maximum 30m²

Meeting Rooms

Functional Features

It destroys 99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19) by applying UV-C at a dose of 16mj / cm² in a tunnel of 10.513 cm³.

IoT Features

  • Engine speed adjustment
  • Emission measurement of UV-C lamp
  • Message warning when UV-C emission drops
  • Sterilizing the environment according to its volume and stopping automatically
  • Planning operating and stopping hours

Technical Settings

36W UV-C lamp power

19W AC Fan

Completely Aluminium Body

16mj/cm² UV-C Dosage

10.513cm³ UV-C Radiant Tunnel

Electrostatic Paint

30dB/m Max Noise

It Is Suitable For 0-30m² Areas

Body Color RAL9016

Montage Settings

01:Pedestal Mounting
02:Wall Hanger Installation
03:Ceiling Mount
04:Desktop Mounting

Areas Used